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Security Information

PrideLineChat places great emphasis on customer confidence and confidentiality. To support this, we follow strict security practices in order to protect your information while you enjoy products like PrideLineChatChat

Internet Security

At PrideLineChat, access to our member services, databases and financial systems is strictly managed. We have technology and procedures in place to ensure security is not breached, including the physical security of our computer hardware and telecommunications systems. However, it is important to note that you also have a role to play in the security of your personal information.

What Can I Do?

Keep your membership number and pass code secure. Never share them with anyone, as they are your private keys to your membership, your personal information, and the time you have enjoyed on PrideLineChat.

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What About my Computer?

Our communication with you is strictly confidential. However, once an email arrives in your computer, it is up to you to protect the information contained in it. For example, if you change your pass code online, we will send you an email to confirm the change. Since this email will contain your pass code, it should be kept secure. The safest route is to delete the mail, but some applications use a Recycle Bin feature, so that must be emptied after deleting the mail, or it will still be available to prying eyes. Here are some general security practices for your computer, many of which are practical if you share your computer with other users, or if you use a public computer to access the Internet:

What are you doing about my security?

The success of our business depends on the security of our customer information. To this end:

Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we treat your personal information.