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Safety Tips

At PrideLineChat we are equally concerned about your safety and we encourage our members to take these safety tips seriously and enjoy safe online gay phone chat line dating.

Unlike some of the phone chat line services here at PrideLineChat you will not find paid chat line operator entertaining you. All the encounters are real encounters and you will get connected with people like you with their own dreams and fantasies which make PrideLineChat gay phone chat lines even more interesting and real.

Following the basic rules of safety will go a long way in making your encounters enjoyable and hassle free.

Do not rush to get hooked on to someone. Take your time to know the other person and remember the other person is also equally concerned about his safety. If the other person is keen on rushing through things then you need to slow down to notice any discrepancies in the behavior of the other person. If there are things that disturb you or things that make you feel uncomfortable it is best to go with your gut feelings and look for somebody else because your personal safety should be your top priority.

You can remain completely anonymous while using our phone chat lines at PrideLineChat. Highest level of confidentiality is maintained with all the information that you give us while signing up. You are not required to upload any photos or you don't have to fill long questionnaires sharing your personal information. You will be able to decide how much of information that you would like to share for the public eyes. On safety grounds it is best to restrain yourself from presenting any personal information so that you can protect your personal identity at all times. You are also totally free to decide whom to communicate with and no one can force you to share any information or force you to remain in contact. If you are not feeling comfortable with any particular caller you can reject his calls.

Another important factor that you need to remember here is that you should organize or agree for a personal meeting only when you are totally comfortable with the other person and regardless of how desperate you are you should always take some time to judge the other party to ensure that he is safe. If you rush to meet the other party, you may not have adequate time to assess whether it is safe to meet a particular hot gay friend.

It is also not a bad idea to run a quick background check before you take a relationship to the next level. It is your responsibility to establish whether it is safe to meet the other person and doing whatever it takes to establish that safety factor.

For your own safety, you should not meet anyone under the required age limit. Though it can be highly tempting to meet someone underage, it can lead to unnecessary problems at a later stage. So make it your own personal policy not to meet anyone below the legal age limit.

You need to remain alert for disturbing signals during the entire course of interaction. Be cautious to manipulative behavior of all forms. Even if you get the slightest hint of doubt, stop communicating with such people; you will always be able to find someone that will offer you safe company and enriching experience.

When it is time to take your relationship to the next level you are very likely to be overjoyed. In your enthusiasm to meet your hot gay friend, you should not forget the basic rules of safety. At least for the first meeting you should agree to meet your partner in some public place such as a bar or restaurant. When you are going to meet your chat line partner it is best to leave the contact details of your gay partner with someone you can confide and the expected time of your return.

Taking too much of alcohol during your date can prove to be risky. It is important that you stay sober throughout the meeting so that you can respond correctly to any troubling signals that you may sense during your meeting.

If you happen to travel to a different city to meet your gay partner disclose your travel plans to your friends or someone in your family so that people will know where to look for you when they need to get in touch with you or when you take longer than what it should to return. You insist that you will take care of your own travel arrangements regardless of however nice the other party may sound. There is no reason for you to share with your chat line partner where you are staying. Always arrange to meet your date in a different hotel or restaurant from the one you are staying.

Always use your discretion when something is suggested by your date; avoid making impulsive decisions. Take time to say yes or no to the invitations and other offers from your date. These are some of the basic safety tips that will enjoy your gay phone chat lines at PrideLineChat and the relation that evolves thereafter.

All these are not to make you paranoid but to ensure that you have an enjoyable time here at PrideLineChat. Daily hundreds of people find their hot gay connections and enter into safe and enriching experience.